Albert Pike and World War 3

An excerpt from a letter by Albert Pike in which he speaks about the planned cause of World War 3...

World War III according to Albert Pike

As with most major events in human history for who knows how long, they were planned in advance by people behind the scenes. While I don’t think that they are the masterminds per say, Freemasonry has been a major force in bringing these events into being.

***I suppose the bulk of them might be likened to foot-soldiers or operatives that follow orders, but are partially or completely ignorant of the actual purpose of said orders (compartmentalization).***

Back in the 1800’s, a major player in the forming of world events (especially in the USA) was Albert Pike. Mr Pike was an interesting man. He passed the entrance exams at Harvard, but declined to actually attend. Was a Brigadier General in the Confederate army, even training several cavalry units made up of Native American tribes loyal to the Confederacy. But this is not what he is best known for…

Mr. Pike is best known for being one of the best known and most influential Freemasons of all time. His influence, power, and renown amongst Freemasons is so that he is known as the “Pope of Freemasonry” by some.While his legend is greatest in the United State and Canada, Pike is known to Freemasons all over the world. Many truth-seekers have at least attempted to read through his enormous book, “Morals and Dogma”, hoping to find answers as to the inner secrets of Freemasonry. But as someone that has actually read it cover-to-cover, I’ll admit it is a daunting task this is not for the average person and their television-atrophied attention spans. Besides, it is written in such a way that it might actually sway the unwary and foolish, bringing them to the “light”. And for a man as obviously intelligent and educated as Pike, it was clearly intentional.

As for the graphic above, it is an excerpt from a letter supposedly sent from Albert Pike to Mazzini, the founder of the socialist organization “Young Italy and possibly the modern Sicilian mafia. This letter has been claimed to be a forgery and several versions of the text appear to be floating around, but I think that it is quite possibly real (or at least one of the versions is) in a certain sense. But as to whether or not it was written by Pike or not is to a extent irrelevant as long as the plans expressed in the letter or even if a portion of the plan is real. And from what I’ve uncovered in these last couple years of research tells me that this is the case, but there is always the chance that new data might challenge that conclusion.

For the sake of fairness, here is a link a webpage where a mason attacks the authenticity of the letter. But like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, even if it was not written by Pike, it is still something to look into and take seriously. I very seriously doubt that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was actually written by Jews, but it still has things that you should take seriously when researching the grand plan behind our civilization and its history. Just be careful if something seems too good to be true, it might be taking you for a ride to a false conclusion of some sort.

In summary: I think it the letter is authentic , but it might not really matter in the end.


SIDE RANT – Speaking of the “Protocols”, it reads like the rant of a comic book bad-guy or a James Bond villain as they explain their plan to the hero before turning on a death-trap with lasers, sharks, and flesh-eating anus gerbils. There was a supposed communist “brainwashing manual” for psychiatrists that gave me the same feel, but I have read translations of Russian propaganda pamphlets  that were similar in style. But we’ll never know for sure, I suppose.


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